My DVD Collection (tradeable)

1998-10-31 - Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV (3 DVDs)
1998-11-21 - Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA (3 DVDs)
1998-11-27 - The Centrum, Worcester, MA (2 DVDs)
2003-02-14 - Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA (2 DVDs)
2003-07-19 - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI (2 DVDs)
2003-12-28 - AA Arena, Miami, FL (2 DVDs)
2003-12-29 - AA Arena, Miami, FL (2 DVDs)

No trading of official SBDs/videos of course.

Meaning LivePhish stuff, right? Old SBDs are okay?

As long as the show has never been released officially (, LivePhish1-20, DVDs etc.), it can be traded in whatever form is available.

If a show has been released, no SBDs can be shared, even if the SBD existed before the release.

^ thanks

What is the quality on the Alpine show if it is good I could definatly be willing to work out a trade.