My New Band, with new audio!

Hey all, just wanted to put up a link of my bands latest show at Manhattan Pizza and Pub in Burlington, VT. We played pretty well and some of the jams were memorable. Give a listen! Would love some feedback.


Set 1:
Down Home Girl
Get Out My Life Woman
Kick Me
Shotgun Willie
Fever Dream
I Got Mine
It’s Alright

Set 2:
Got My Mojo Workin’
2001->Losing you->2001
City of Tiny Lites
The Storm
Stuck In a Hole
Harry Hood
The Weight

bump for the new archive link!

I’d like for you at that time, we have always come together.

^And here I thought you’d improved the grammar. I feel betrayed.

How’s your band doing? You guys still playing? You guys are not bad at all.