I was hoping “Reba” would pull off the upset.

But we had 48 votes and the poll was open 8 days. That’s plenty of time.

So as cliche as it is (from my POV anyway) to vote “YEM,” that’s what I did.

B/c I like it better than “Antelope.”


No doubt in my mind.

I am yet to hear a bad one.

I have heard a handful or two ;D

YEM can not match the full-out power of a raging Antelope.

So there!

While I certainly disagree with what you say, I shall defend to the death your right to say it.

waves American flag

shoots off fireworks

drives SUV

Although YEM is Phish’s signature song, and can lend itself to a much wider array of jamming possibilities than Antelope generally does, I’m going with Antelope at the moment because I agree with young Willis. The power of a good Antelope is just too hard to beat.

I have seen the best of both, sooooo I voted YEM due to this one time in band camp…

Really, there is no arguing.

I feel like my post above is putting YEM down, which it most certainly does not deserve to be.

This match-up is all about personal opinion, and like G2k said, nothing you can do about it!

^Will if it matters, I took it as a good opinion. You’re correct though, no real way to sy either is not #1, or #2…Etc…

You guys.

Stop basing your vote on which song rocks harder!

I voted “Heaven’s On Fire” by KISS cuz it f%^&( ROCKS HARD! BABY ALL NIGHT!!

I mean, I voted YEM because it’s way totally raging.

I mean because I like the song more.


Sorry Marco, I had to do what I had to do.

YEM just has the tendency to bring DA PHUNK! and when it’s all said and done, I like to get down to the crunchy phunk more than the raging atelope. Nothing against the horned beast, but yem is just too much fun.


i said it.

and now im done.

so long.

To put it simply: YEM.


Sorry YEM, I had to Vote for Antelope.

I like Antelope more nowadays, even though the composition in YEM is absolute genius. I just love the feeling of happiness that floods through my body when Trey does that fork, you know (in Antelope) …biddillyOP Bah doooooooo badabadabadabadabadaba whooooooooooooowwwww


It’s still so hard to vote on this one. I mean, if it weren’t for YEM, I don’t think I would like Phish nearly as much, due to my early recognition of their talent and Trey’s genuis because of the song. WTFATSIYEM?? Y’know? And then you got some crazy jams that can go virtually anywhere, and then some crazy vocal jams that can do the same. Damn, this is a hard one.

I’m going with Antelope. I guess the only other reason why (besides the fact that I like it better) is that it beat the song that I believe should have won (and since it didn’t, I’m fuckin’ leavin’ the OKP…), Reba…

Marco Esquandolas takes the cake, but my decision came with grief…

^Ummm, yeah…


I hope we end up in a tie here.






Boy… I had to vote for YEM
Man… It’s just so Phish
God… Couldn’t have created a better song
Shit… My face is melting

^ That rocks!!! Nicely put!