My vote goes to that guy from Keenan & Kel!!

I don’t really think that either of these two are the best 2 from SNL, but if I am voting I am voting for Farley.

^ I’m with you.

Fat guy fall down. That’s it for these 2.
That’s not comedy, it’s gravity.
(This should be Myers vs. Hartman)


I’ll go with Farley for the simple fact that I had a drink with him the day before he died.

^^whoa, serious Brian?

tell us the story!!

And what is that image?!


One of my first college theater directors was also the training director for Second City.
He worked with EVERYONE who ever went through that place.
He had some crazy stories. (You name em, he taught them)
Anyway, he brought me to their Christmas party that year.

Fast forward through the night, Farley showed up.
I begged Martin (my teacher) to introduce me and he did.
Farley was really nice to me.
He was trashed, but actually sat down and talked.
Asked me if I had joint. (Of course I didn’t bring my hitter :-/ )
Said “Good,…that stuff is bad for ya”. Yeah, right Chris.
Asked if I had access to video camera and that he has some new ideas that he wanted to work on.
That he would be in touch with Martin and that we would “create” this idea.
I was pretty sure he had no idea what he was talking about, but I went along.

Never did see him again obviously.
The next night he was gone.
I never expected to see him, but he made me feel really good and he seemed really down to earth.

The one thing he said that kinda stuck with me was that he said he NEVER had to buy a drink. EVER.
That no matter where he went people wanted to party with him.
Said that they would “Throw alcohol down my throat”.
And I could see he had a hard time saying no.
Martin gave him a weird look when he said that.
Kinda like your father does. Chris just shrugged his shoulders.

He just really wanted to be nice and have a good time with people.
Pretty sure that drove him into the ground.

Was a pretty memorable night though.
I still kick myself for not bringing the green with me.
I would have loved to burn one with him.

yep, always have a little bit on you when out partying. You never know what’s gonna happen.

I always carry a healthy supply of crack, LSD, meth, PCP, and codeine on me when I’m in public.

I never partied with either of them, but if I had my choice, I would want to party with Belushi. He was just an all around funny guy. Farley had the act down, but he couldn’t write worth shit. Belushi did it all and did it all better than anyone on SNL ever did it.

cool story

farley made me laugh more

voted for chris

Welp, it’s been 5 days and only 9 votes. That’s usually about the number we end up with.

I am declaring it official: Chris Farley wins the Oh Kee Pa SNL Cast Member Bracket Challenge of 2008!

My life is complete now.

You’ll also be able to sleep better tonight, too.

Hello! Hello!
::knocks on door::
Anyone here? I need to vote.
I forgot about this…

Oh well. I would have voted for Chris Farley anyway.

Brian, that is a great story. One of those rare planet alignment experiences that will make you smile forever. The regret over the missing green is a tough one. I like how most of us were knowingly nodding our heads, but Neil was having none of it. That leaf is marching it’s way to Indiana. I just know it. Although, the leaf pretty much just walks and wanders. It’s not the best companion for a long-distance runner.

Great job on the SNL bracket, Neil.


Training with little boxes of donuts! nuff said.

Oh, I must have missed that episode. Dangit.

Just picked up this T.