National Semifinals: Ebony/Ivory v Van/River


I went with PH. His range of characters was unbelievable on SNL.

Farley’s a one-trick-pony. Too bad neither of them are still making us laugh though. Did you guys ever hear about this Lovitz vs Andy Dick thing? Just type that into youtube. Basically Lovitz feels that Andy Dick had a hand in Phil being dead right now in that Andy Dick got Hartman’s wife back on the coke, albeit inadvertantly, and that was the cause of her going nuts and killing Hartman. Crazy shit. So there was a lot of hostility between those two in those latter Newsradio days.

What am I talking about? Oh yeah…

Here, the first Newsradio episode after Phil passed on. The first bit of it anyway. Its tough…really tough to watch. I’m not trying to get the pity vote for Phil here, but seriosuly, have a heart.

good final four