need some dvds to start a collection

hey all, the only dvd i have is IT and most people have that any way. is any one willing to send me some dvds so i can start trading and such with them.

you should prolly be asking for a BNP…and im sure there are plenty of peeps here that are willing to help…in exchange for oral sex of course…compromises can be made…sometimes they will just do it out of the kindness of their hearts…but it usually involves oral sex some where down the line…at any rate…check out peoples lists and PM them and see if they will do a BNP for ya…i betcha they will…

^Ah, the book of the road… sure I follow the book.

Well, we all are nothing without the book right?

I’ve got a few…I would like something tasty in exchange though…PM me.

also, if you have a dvd burner or access to one, jump on some of the vines we’ve got goin, i’m sure you could get added to the end of a couple. CYPRESS!!!

yea the vines are the way to go, i started out w/ zero dvd collection and now have bout 6 or 7 from these vines…tis teh_kickass.

i got IT, Bittersweet, Brooklyn, Vegas, Trey and Carlos at the Warfield, willing to trade for shows looking for early shit as well as 97