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Yeah, I noticed that just yesterday. You can download HCA for about $20, versus the $50 or whatever it costs in stores.

gnice! i did not notice that

You mean you don’t have all of the albums? Fucking N00bs.

Yeah! how could you not already have all the albums??!!

actually, I bet I’ve never even listened to “Siket Disc” all the way through. I’m not buying it off livephish though. I used to have the cd, but haven’t seen it in years. Oh well.

^Yeah Siket Disc is a different one, its going somewhere I guess. But if you ask me its just the leftover crap from Ghost. Usually that kind of stuff doesn’t make the album for a reason.

And I was kidding about the N00bs thing, you guys are cool.

I’m missing the second disc of ALO, and parts of my SOTG are scratched up pretty bad, and I don’t own Undermind or Junta.

So there!

Siket Disc is awesome.


That’s badass for sure!

I do need to re-download Nectar. Some asshole stole mine!

I knew you were going to say that.

Of course you don’t own Junta.

Nobody does.

Junta is the one, of the parties involved, that owns.

all of my studio albums were stolen with the exception of Billy Breathes.


I have no idea what you are talking about.

Albums …thats funny my kids make fun of me when I refer to them as albums-“They’re CDs Dad!” just shows my age. Why buy albums anyway when all those good live shows are available online for free?

See I still said albums, just can’t help it …I’m old.

i just rebought hampton comes alive last week, bc of scratches, etc from dry goods. i wish i knew i could have had it for 20 !@#$%#

hooray for saying albums! im 19 and i say it… it just seems right. cd’s are things, albums are works of art.

They ARE albums though. On CD format.

And records, or vinyl, are albums on vinyl format, albums can be released on mp3, cassette, etc. I don’t understand why the term “album” has become synonymous with the LP for some folks, but I just see it as incorrect.

So for those who are Livephish app, Livephish+ subscribers, they now have Videos up of shows :thumbup: :clap:
Just two right now… 7/13/14 Randall’s Island and 7/31/03 Tahoe.
"Live Phish will be rotating a handful of cherry-picked concert videos within the app from time to time"

Just have to update your live phish App if you have it. Then choose videos section in the side navigation

Hopefully this will lead to more shows being uploaded. If so would be cool to if they add this along with the audio for your ticket code redemption.

Apparently the Audio/Video both can now be used with your chromecast :thumbup:

Pretty cool add on if you ask me.

::waits for subscription prices to go up::

Chula Vista 99!!

Keep bigB away from electrical outlets, he is probably squirting!