New hit single

The past couple of years I have been more active musically than ever; playing in several bands and projects and doing lots of recording. However, I have yet to release any music of my own composition since 2008. That ended tonight when I received a most satisfactory mix from my producer of a song that I tracked a couple months ago.

It consists of myself on guitars and vocals, and a couple of my oldest friends holding down the bass and drums. It is punkish/power pop with a Springsteen urgency. My favorite song I’ve ever written.

also on the page is a companion song - “Nowhere West of Salvation” - more laid back. Me on acoustic and vocals with a couple of friends (same bass player, different friend on electric guitar).

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more.

It’s a hit!

Good stuff, like the drummin’ and the strummin’ and the words hummin’.

Thanks gents!

I will be checking this out this weekend!

Here’s another one. A bit more spacious and cerebral.

One of my more popular numbers when I play live.

“Get Out of Your Head” … -your-head

:thumbup: :clap:


hetty art

^Thank ya. Twas done by a good friend of mine.