New Members thoughts of the Ohkeepa

How about some Oh kee Pah radio

^Interesting man. Really a cool idea.

The best damn pet shop in town!

Lately I’ve been kind of thinking we need a “Reunion Rumors” section to the site. There’s been quite a few of those threads lately and its hard to keep up with what is what.

And we need a fridge, so when I’m high and hungry I can just reach in and grab something, like Wonka Vision and shit.


I have an idea!
We should talk about stuff.

i am happy as hell with the oh kee pa…can get my daily dose of phish read and chat…can’t complain about anything here Icc…i don’t know if this is possible, but could we set up a room where member could post and share shows kind of like an etree…maybe, maybe not…just an idear.

Cubbie, there’s always the trading board - it doesn’t seem as active as I thought it’d be… Daniel, I’ve just created a reunion rumours board :slight_smile:

chips and crystal bong will be made available upon admittance to god status.

There is often food for the Stoned Cutters.

Right on, you guys rock. Now all the people who don’t want to read the reunion rumors can choose not to look, hence no arguing starts. As for the fridge, thats cool, I guess I can walk downstairs.


Hi guys! Love the board, really fills a need for phish talk. We should have parties and meet up in bars across the country and hijack the jukebox and annoy everyone else in the place… (or introduce them to headdy goodness that is phish)

rock on!

I wish the trading board was more active.

I may not be new, but I can still demand things.
A link to the chatroom on the front page, and the radio.
A new improved chatroom, I believe Ian was going to create a permanent IRC room.

I have made many a trade off that board. It’s pretty damn active actually…maybe with more action than posts.

jUST USE private messages

^true dat.

My collection is always growing. Most of us are happy to trade, but ya gots ta ask for something first.

thanks for the idea, man! shit gets done 'round here.

mIRC channel up and running!

^ i don’t see what’s wrong with the web browser chat…

Icc, the oh kee pa is fricken great! thanks a million for getting it up and running. much respect!


^ Actually you should give Cletus (Ian) a bit of love too…this afterall is all his doing…But you are still the man Icc…I guess I don’t say thank you Ian enough…so thanks man.

i dont have beef, oh kee pa is chillin.

Damn skippy. Welcome!