New Phish Live Album: The Baker's Dozen

I know we’ve got threads for the Baker’s Dozen, for its individual shows. Maybe we even have a thread for roll call, or a thread for the run in general … but I don’t believe we have a thread to discuss the live album release.

I’ve ordered Santa’mazon to bring me one, vinyl edition … and I’ve been listening to it ahead of time on Tidal, and I gotta wonder what other fans think.

Huge jammed out versions, strange selection of songs, and only the third (fourth? including Colorado) live release that isn’t a complete show or a whole run of shows.

What do youz think of the new Phish live album? Do you like the selections? Track running order? The mix? Performances? What are your highlights?


I bought this when it was released, based on your post of the price only being $75. I listened to all the tracks before I purchased it and figured it was worth it at that price. I listened to Roggae, Simple, Chalk Dust Torture and Ghost the weekend it arrived but that’s it so far. Was really bummed it didn’t include Lawn Man but, that would have taken up 2 sides so I understand.

Most of the songs don’t do it for me but it’s real easy to jump ahead on the vinyl and get to the good parts. Honestly thought they could have taken the Frank Zappa ‘Guitar/Shut Up and Play Your Guitar’ approach and cut out the actual song portions and just start up right when they get into the jam. It would have allowed for more space to work with, in some cases, and would have been a fresher approach to a live compilation. I’m still not sure why they chose to use 13 tracks if they didn’t plan on taking 1 track from each show either.

Thanks for playing, I thought I was alone in this.

I’m glad I got it, definitely an enjoyable listen. Cool and strange piece of vinyl. But I’m also glad I didn’t pay full price. Not my favorite Phish release by any measure.

I will probably always regard this as one of the strangest collection of Phish songs. I don’t particularly like the song selection, given how much great material was covered during that run. I agree that it’d have made more sense to pick one track per show.

And I can’t help but wish Trey would just practice. It sounds to me like he doesn’t really work on his playing so much as just go out each gig and play the best he can while he’s on stage.

I know, I know; let’s all be glad he’s still with us etc. Just surprises me how many moments he seems a little lost on the frets, particularly given that this is a special kind of live release.

Also what’s up with the extra Chalkdust chorus? They did that in October too in Albany, at the show I saw … it sounds like Trey’s either whimsical or mistaken, not sure which.

Also noticed he sings “the choreture of talk just collects on my tongue” :laughing: