new year's eve print by ben whitesell

ben whitesell just released his new year’s eve print. he presents his steampunk take on trey’s guitar. there are only 20 of these available, all signed and numbered. they measure 15.5 x 40, which is pretty close to a guitar’s actual size. they are available for $30 at for more pics and design inspiration head over to

Was just informed that there are less than 10 of these still available.

Best thing I have seen by him. (you?)

i think it’s his best print too, although his Bethel poster sold like crazy.

i’m just the idea guy. :wink:

And then there were 3. Get em while you can. Ben did mention the possibility of a color variant if anyone’s interested.

Hope you were able to snag one of these because they have sold out. Ben is working on a second run that will be a color variant. For those interested he is creating a first come first served email list for the second run. Use the contact button on or to joint that list.