Newbie ISO 1997 - July, 6

I’m in search of the 1997 show in Italy on July 6th, I’m just getting into Phish and my friend told me about the B&P system, which seemed pretty cool. I wish to find the full show plus the soundcheck. Please help a new fan out if possible. Thank you and have a great day.

7/6/1994 took place in Montreal. One of my favorite Rebas from that show… so many great ones in '94.

Oddly enough, two shows were played in Italy on July 6th, but you’re probably thinking of the full-length one from '97 w/the epic soundcheck? I don’t have a copy of this one yet either, so sorry that I can’t help you out:

Soundcheck: Jam, Oblivious Fool, Beauty of My Dreams, Hell’s Bells (attempt)*, You Shook Me All Night Long#, MMMBop^, Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)$&, And It Stoned Me (Van Morrison)$, Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine)$, Day-O

1: Runaway Jim, The Old Home Place, Dogs Stole Things, Stash, The Horse-> Silent in the Morning, Cars Trucks Buses, Scent of a Mule, Chalk Dust Torture

2: Free, You Enjoy Myself, Waste, Rocky Top, Funky Bitch

E: My Soul

*As the show is outside (on a beach), bells ringing at a nearby church prompt this attempt at this AC/DC tune. #Sung by Fish after Trey can’t remember the words. Trey makes a comment afterwords about writing just one song like this one. ^Hanson cover, sung by Fish as James Brown (“Like an 11-year-old sex machine”). $The Soundcheck Limbo Karaoke Contest (sung by audience members). &Sung as “Another one rides the bus”.

You’re right! My bad on the year, I modified it to a correct status, but yes it was indeed that epic soundcheck which i was in search for.

hey jessie… found one…

thanks matt! i’m downloading now…did you confirm that the soundcheck is included?

no soundcheck in that one…

I’m still looking for this show…can anyone help me out?

I have this source, if you want to do a b&p, shoot me a PM.