NYC NYE Print from Ben Whitesell

Ben’s created his last fan art poster of the year for Phish’s NYE run in NYC. There are 20 available on, all signed and numbered by the artist. He’s selling these for $20. Thanks to everyone who has supported his art this year.

not horrendous… a little too “computery” for me though.

I think it’s based on the neoplasticism work of Piet Mondrian who worked in geometric shapes, reds and blues. It looks “computery” because of his attempt to deconstruct the iconic facade of the Empire State Building.

I dig that part, I was mostly speaking of the 3D text.

Gotcha. He said that the text was difficult. He was trying to make it look as deconstructed as the building. He actually talks about all of this on his blog, if you’re interested. He usually posts about the projects he’s working on, the inspiration and the how-to, why and what for.

Just heard from Ben. There is only 1 of these prints left.