Oh Kee Pa App for iPhone

I just got an iPhone. I think it would be really cool if there were an app for oh kee pa. Does anyone know what is involved? Is there any interest in this kind of thing?

I’m not actually sure if this is the correct place to ask this question.

No exactly what an app is…

Would it just take you to the web site?

I think. but, it would make the site easier to read and navigate on the iPhone.

the other thing i have noticed - lots of websites have a mobile version that works on all phones that have internet.

so, i don’t really know that answer. hopefully, someone with more tech knowledge than me will know the answer.

im going to do some research and see what i can find…

I just know it would be cool to be able to do the 'pa thing anywhere i might be!

I use the “black” background, and it loads pretty well on my phone.

I have an LG Voyager, not an iPhone though.

i will say that i can get to and use 'pa on the phone - its a little difficult and would be made much easier and cooler if there were an app or mobile 'pa!

i think the pa works fine for the iPhone and iTouch


Its funny - I updated my phone and I can see things here much better. Before I updated, everything was really small and I had to keep making the screen bigger. Since I updated, its much better.

that coulda been it then… but i wonder how an app for a forum would go…

Pssst, @drich35! We’ve now got a shiny new Discourse forum that looks beautiful on all devices!