So… I don’t get it. There’s the “Tickets” sub-forum of the Ohkeepbay that is described as “Want to buy a ticket?/Want to sell a ticket?/Offering your soul for an exchange?”

But then there’s:

Want To Buy?
Are you looking to buy?
Want To Sell?
Are you looking to sell?
Want To Trade?
Are you looking to trade?

Is this not redundant? What is the point of the “Tickets” sub-forum? I posted in that one originally to buy a ticket to 8. It was moved to “Want to Buy,” understandably… and then deleted. ( :question: ) I reposted in “Want to Buy” but I still don’t understand what scenario would warrant use of the “Tickets” sub-forum.

Tickets go in the tickets section, and other things go in the other sections.

Truer words have never been spoken.

OK, that’s what I thought. But, then my original post was moved to “Want to Buy” and then ultimately deleted, so I became confused. :crazy:

Thanks for moving my new post back to tickets. :slight_smile:

I think that was my fault that it got deleted.

I was deleting the “shadow topic” in the “WTB” section, and it turned out I was deleting your actual post in the Tickets section.

My fault, carry on, no need to rub this in my face. :crazy:

:laughing: It’s all good!