OKP History

How about a page dedicated to the history of the OKP? I’m not sure what it would have, but I’m just spitting an idea out. Perhaps people could put milestones or other things. I suppose it would take on an almost OKP Award Nominations-type purpose. This is slipping away from me, so I’m just going to stop and see if anyone reads this thread…


History is not shit!!!

Lay it on me Scarface. What’s with the “shit”?

nothing. just had nothing else to say. ;D

if you want the history of the Oh Kee Pa board, then you can read through old threads. there’s some history for ya!

This is from the Book of Cletus, Verse 1, Chapter 1.

In the beginning, Cletus Awretus Awrightus created the heavens and earth and the OKP. He looked and he saw that it was good. A small handful of disciples joined at first and teh gospel according ot Cletus began. St. Icculus, St. Neck, St Willbreathes, St. VERNIXX and the other disciples set forth to spread teh gospel to the good people of the Internet.

Does anyone have teh lost scriptures of the Book of Cletus? Feel free to complete this.

Here is some OKP History.

Remeber when there was one skin, default?
Or when their were no General, Live, Studio, Non-Phish discussion areas?

Verse 1, Chapter 2

Lord Cletus approacheth Patron Saint Ellis Goddard of http://www.phish.net in order to spread teh_Gospel to the four corners of teh_Earth and in doing so received many a new member. These members brought with them charm (Icculus), honour (Vernixx), passion (WillBreathes) and teh_brown (Neck).

Do you remember when the default skin sucked?

I remember when this place had less than 100 people and a single topic took 5 hours to get an answer…sometimes 10 hours!

I remember the default skin when it was cool…

I remember the days when we only had two pages of General topics.

remember when junta was the first skin? it sure is a rockin’ skin!

i remember when i had a taint.

just kidding. i never had a taint

I remember when the Brooklyn DVD was a sure thing, and we could only dream of having NYE95 on soundboard quality.

Remember when Greg____ was GregRadiohead?

remember when yem shunned all those who did drugs?

what other site?

I can’t even imagine how boring it must of been here before june 1st.
Remember when the evil one came and stirred up trouble in the OKP.

MYNAMEISBUSH turned out to be CURIOUS GEORGE, I do believe.

And where happened to him & his minions flooding this board with hate as he promised anyways???