OKPers on Phish Tour

Hackey Sack in the Jones Beach Lot.

BBQ at the Fiddlin Pig in Asheville
Hank (PHG) Adam, Justin (Guelah) and Brady (Jawbone)

Brady and I jam in Ollie’s living room

“I saw you with a ticket stub in your hand!” Guelah’s first Phish show!

Party on Guelah’s porch in Knoxville
(Adam, Hank, Justin and Brett)

Ollie and me

Jammin on the porch

Ladyphish, leolover, Guelah, and Jawbone

Adam in the Sunsphere

Guelah shows us his secret spot

Lighters at Star Lake

sweeeeet. hope to get some pics w/you guys when they come back east (darien>merriweather>hartford>spac) ill have a black shirt with the trey/wilson/middle finger thing going on (similar to fishmans). keep an eye out for s.hill!!!

I posted this in member pictures, but it seems appropriate here… Here’s a random encounter between myself and Hank at Bonnaroo:

I also have really funny pictures of Adam and Hank passed out at Guelah’s house but I’m not gonna post those pictures unless they say its ok.

Marianne, was Brady at Burgettstown? Damnit, I wanted to meet him!

Nope I dont think so, I think he was just at Alpine Valley or something

Oh ok. That guy. I’ll meet him sooner or later.

Nice pics!

Okay here we go!

Asheville Airport

Ollie on the way back from the airport

Ollie, Holt and Marianne

Fiddlin’ Pigs (or something like that)


Me and Ollie (Nonnie) (Ladyphish)

The men of Oh Kee Pa
(Adam, Me, Little and Hankster)

Ollie and the boyz

I Didn’t Know

Adam and Me (love this kid)

Me and Nonnie

Late night at Ollie’s

Ollie, Marianne, Best Sushi In Asheville

Marianne, Ollie and Adam


Marianne’s finger I believe

On the road to Knoxville

Knox “Lot” Garage

Little’s (Guelah/Justin) House in Knoxville
Brady, Marianne, Holt, Ollie, Hanks Wook friend


The Oh Kee Pa Band
(Brady, Marianne, and Ollie)

Super Grand Daddy Sandwich!!
(one of two, possibly my best purchase on tour!)

(Brady and Ollie, Marianne is the groupie)

Adam is OUT!!

Hank, Brett and whiskey!!

Oh Kee Pa Crew with ghost orbs!!
(Hank, Marianne, Ollie, Little, Me (brett), Brady)

Maybe the largest documented meet up

On the way to the airport (thanks Nonnie for everything!!!)

Had a blast with you kedz!!!

Can’t wait for August!!

^nice pictures!!!
Man that sushi picture made me hungry!
Yes that was my finger, and its called the Hipster song!!!
Let the good times roll!

^^Epic post Brett.

Grand OKP 2009 tour meetup realized.

Wow, badass stuff guys!!

we should sticky this thread I thinks… Lots more to come…

As much as I protested being in the pictures, I’m glad they exist. Good times, for sure :slight_smile:

damn sorry i couldnt meet up with yall in knoxvegas

pm me the passed out pic, Marianne, and we’ll see how it looks

I was in the zone that Wednesday night in Knoxville…Seriously one of the best nights I’ve ever had…the “after” pic could be pretty ugly.

WE have some more photos from others coming up here, nice to meet all the OKP’ers I met in DC/Alpine, good times!!

Hank slept on the porch