Old long sleeve Tweezer Shirt!

Anyone know where to find a pic of or where to buy the old Phish Tweezer Shirt that has the little girl holding hands with a guy on the back walking into a Freezer???

Loved this shirt and can’t find it anywhere!

I have one! But I can’t get rid of it! Got in Deer Creek in '96 I think. :thumbup:

I really wish I could find one, been looking for years. Any way in Hell you can post a pic of the front and back??? My buddy is gonna look in AC at the Freezer to see if it shows up! :thumbup:

I’ll trade you mine for an alpine lawn- not trying to be a greedy dick about it, that’s about what it’s worth to me, had many a good time in that shirt, and I love it.

I wish I could man, that is def out of my price range for a shirt. I will see what I can come up with. I literally can’t even find pictures of it anywhere on google etc

yeah it was one of those offers where i thought to myself what could you trade me for that item you seek? because its tour time and i’m tryin to see shows with no money i thought a lawnboy would be an interesting offer, I’m all about rediculous trades for old shit you don’t see that much anymore- i’ll see if I can figure out how to get a pic of mine up here for you

I really appreciate it man! I am in the same boat with loOt these days, sucks!

ok so you know how it gos
when you wanna see some shows
but you have no dough
so you try to sell your clothes

:clap: :thumbup:

I have one. Not getting rid of it. Just found this thread googling it up - I was trying to remember what tour mine was acquired on (thinking NYE Run '96?)
Here’s an auction site with pics of the short sleeve version.

I came back it was gone

That shirt sounds a little creepy.