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I’m starting this thread to show funny/interesting quotes people have said that are worth sharing and repeating for a laugh or two. Im hoping to moderate this so we can weed out the ones that arent worth reading, or else it might get a little out of control. I also purposly posted this in album section so it can be somewhat hidden. When submitting please include the thread it was in, and when it was said, and by who. the who i suppose isnt that important if its not necessary they be embarassed with repeating of their words. well, without further ado, i present the quote thread! enjoy! dont worry i’m gonna edit down this introduction…

Thread: Gumbo

Welcome Grabs to the Overheard on the OKP Section

Thread: Who Are These People?
Date: 12/21/05


Thread: Members Pictures
Date: Dec 3, 2005 1:09pm

^ That’s one of my favorites

that was funny

This is an oldie buy a goodie, from before most of you were around…a quote from the good doctor himself.

Mostly the first part makes me laugh…but reading through some of those old threads is pretty cool.

anyone else noticing the extreme tensions between whywiegh and yem. go look at the thread about yem’s band and the thread about songs yeam hasnt heard. its quite funny, and…sexy

Hah hah. What about the Superhero thread?

Thread: Wookie Tent
Date: 12/25

^ Hah hah.

Thread: Newsweek Blurb - 1/3/05

our fearless leader’s 1000th post…

Thread: locking threads

way to go Ian!

i noticed that too, and someone else pointed that out.

HAHA but what a great post on your part and Ian’s part.

Long Live OKP!

Honestly, I’m a little honored by the fact that Ian dedicated his 1000th post to my ass.

Not nearly as much as I am disturbed, though.

Hah hah. Creepy…but hilarious at the same tome.

i am confused on how it says that ian only joined in october and how does he only have 1000 posts?

NEVERMIND! i see that he indeed started the thing up in october 04. still…1000 posts? then again ian has never been one to post constantly ala icc, ghost420, greg, goldenroad, will, vernixx…my heroes

Awww I’m someone’s hero. Postwise anyway.

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Greatest final thought while leaving the chat room to date.