Pardon me Doug shirt

I’ve been casually looking online but haven’t found one yet. For obvious reasons, I’d really like one. One of the ones they brought onstage at UIC. I saw a dude with one before that show that just bought it and he said they only made like 15-20 but I figured as the band brought them onstage they might’ve made more. Anyway if anyone runs across one let me know. Thanks.

Does it look like this?

If so, I want one. :mrgreen:

:laughing: :clap:

^^Haha! That’s fantastic. Put me down for one too, please.

:laughing: :laughing: The back should say with that pic on the front.

This thread turned into winning quick.

please do

I had to revisit this thread to repeat:

:laughing: :clap:

So where can I place my order? Where is that guy who makes the shirts? Jiggs or something? Get him on this!

That was the cb on rye from the Star. Right? :angel: :thumbup:

I’ll take one… XL.

Joo know it mang



I had no idea this thread won. Just finding out. I’ll take a shirt.

So when are these getting printed?

Oh yeah, I am totally in! XL