Party Time

If anyone’s heard Party Time… I’m diggin’ The Birdwatcher hxc

2 of the tracks are directly from the Bearsville Sessions (Misty Glade and Shrine). The rest of it is kind of meh but whatever. PARTY TIME!

i’m likeing “Gone”. sounds like a companion piece to “Light”.

edit: actually, it’s an entire song built on that opening ambient segment of Light. cool.

and “Liquid Time” reminds me of Sultans of Swing a little bit.

It was bound to happen, so here we go!

edit by willbreathes: no sharing official releases on the OKP

Thanks delayloop. (I will buy a hard copy as soon as I can…)

Party Time is good. i like it a lot… very mellow.

pretty sure no posts of official releases. :shifty:

Sorry about the sharing, guys. I got so damn excited that I got this thing in the mail that this was the first place I wanted to share it. Completely spaced that it was even an official release!

How do I get my hand on party time if I did order the joy box??? It’s not on itunes or livephish or anywhere online aghh. I watched those youtube vids of a couple songs but I want to hear the whole thing

In A Misty Glade is probably the worst Phish song I’ve heard. :slight_smile:

i like misty glade, its strange.
i like this entire album very much! :clap:

I am LOVING “If I Told YOU” wow.

ahh i want to hear these songs? Help? anyone?

I think Can’t Come Back has some potential. I found myself getting a little tired and then they opened it up a little. Also, I like this version of Alaska… the jammy section is pretty laid back and its pleasantly nice. And then Only a Dream made me remember why I love hearing Mike sing!

Heard the album for the first time yesterday. Can’t tell you how much I love listening to new Phish music. Its a wonderful experience.

I agree that it is definitely a mellow album, and I like it. Its different. So far, I think my fav song is Splinters of Hail. Least fav might be Windy City.

Party Time

are worth while. The rest is a meh sandwhich.

Gone could go Platinum on the Christain charts. :confused:

up to and listening to let me lie right now, alright album, some of it isn’t my favorite phish by any means, really soft and slow

like party time, alaska and birdwatcher so far from what ive listened to

My buddy just played a bunch of it for me, and I think it sounds great! Hilarious that the Alaska “flub” from Red Rocks is actually the album version! :laughing: I had no idea.

Was there separate artwork for this disc, or was it just in the same case as the joy disc?