Party Time

i agree with you on the tracks man, these are the ones i dig the most as well
Shrine is a really cool song, very cool music behind it

Me too! That’s crazy that you say that.

Going for a run on the front page… Look out!

lookin… … cal-mutiny

Phish’s Party Time, Space Antelope’s “Biological Mutiny”

With Phish’s Joy Box poised to make the rounds, we wanted to offer details on the tracks that appear on the Party Time bonus CD. The 13 songs on the disc, range in chronological origin from March, 1998 (“In A Misty Glade” and “Shrine”) on through this past June (a live version of “Alaska” from 6/9/09). In addition to songs that emerged from the Joy sessions, a number of these recordings took place at the bands members’ own studios. Here are some additional details regarding the original recording dates of the songs on Party Time:

“Party Time” was recorded at the Barn, VT, January 2009
“Alaska” was recorded at the Asheville Civic Center, 6/9/09
“Windy City” was recorded at The Barn, VT, January 2009
“In A Misty Glade” was recorded at the Hill House, Moscow, VT, March 3-7, 1998
“Gone” was recorded at Chung King Studios, NYC, May 2009
“Only A Dream” was recorded at Chung King Studios, NYC, May 2009
“The Birdwatcher” was recorded at Cactus Unlimited, VT, March 2004
“Let Me Lie” was recorded at Chung King Studios, NYC, May 2009
“If I Told You” was recorded at The Bunker, VT, March 2008
“Splinters Of Hail” was recorded at Rubber Jungle Studios, Saratoga, NY June 2007
“Can’t Come Back” was recorded at The Barn, VT, January 2009
“Shrine” was recorded at the Hill House, Moscow, VT, March 3-7, 1998
“Liquid Time” was recorded at Rubber Jungle Studios, Saratoga, NY June 2007Meanwhile, folks interested in looking back at the pre-history of Phish should check out Dean Budnick’s editor’s notes this month. While putting together the Festival 8 Express he dug into his own archives and found some flyers and photos from the band’s early days, as well as an article written by Trey Anastasio, while at Taft, entitled “Space Antelope: Biological Mutiny.”

Anyone feel like sharing the cover art?

i dislike the song ‘Party Time’. a lot. it’s going on my ‘Worst Phish Songs’ list, which includes…i don’t know…Sparkle, i suppose.

other than that, some favorites are

BirdWatcher. love the accapella.
Misty Glade & Shrine. i love the songs from the '98 era. surreal and spooky.
Splinters of Hail is just a good frickin song, from any band. i’m glad that band is Phish.

Yeah, the “Alaska” on Party Time is NOT from Asheville . . . just had a few listens to confirm. It does sound like it’s live though, so it may be from a live show.

On second thought . . .

This could DEFINITELY be the sound check from the show. I remember hearing them check this song outside. That would also explain how easy it was to eliminate the crowd noise . . .

I like the album alot. Though I find the tone repeats itself…great to listen to on shuffle.

Love birdwatcher anything that can replace grind as the acapella encore song of choice.
and I seem to enjoy most songs that you all hate so I have no idea what the hell it says about me.

and ha ha ha???

Only A Dream! Such a great track.

So anyone have any idea where we can listen to this without having to shell out 100 dollars? Some streaming site or something?

Party Time is way better than Joy.

All the cool kids know.

God, you took the words right out of my mouth!

I tend to enjoy the more goofier and just down right Phish-ier songs in the canon. This is why I can get behind songs like Brother, I Didn’t Know, Gumbo, and more recently, Birdwatcher.

Yes, I love the jams. Phish do the jams better than anyone. However, I am a Phish fan and will always crack a smile when hearing lyrics like, “Somebody’s definitely jumping in the tub with your brother.”

This is why I am a Phish fan and not a spastic . . .I don’t know . . .Moe. fan :wtf:

Love the lyrical magic that is a well done live Phish show too, love the jams and becoming a free spirit while dancing under the hypnotic jamming but I truly love good lyrics as well!

just heard this for the first time in the past week.

lots of it is actually pretty weak, but that’s what you can expect with a disc of songs that didn’t make the cut for the “real” album.

i’ll have to listen again for some specifics but i can remember diggin Windy City, Gone and the studio Let me Lie.

I love this record. Got the vinyl! The album got way better in my book just for being a double LP that resides within my collection.

The only tracks I really struggle with are “In a Misty Glade” and “Shrine”, and maybe “Can’t Come Back”. I could probably get used to them … but man, that “In a Misty Glade” is worse than Jennifer Dances french kissing Time Turns Elastic in front of your mom.

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