Phish 1993 Project bumps @ LL - help needed

Any help out here would be appreciated. I am still a couple months away from starting the 1993 project. I am pretty sure some of the sources originally seeded here were from folks that frequent the forums here. All the sources listed are at 99.9%. There are quite a few. If you have the time to check and see if you can top me off I would be very grateful.

My post from LL:
We are still a few months away from starting the 1993 project. The majority of the sources have been seeded here before and I am gonna need a little bit of help to get some of them topped off. If you could please check your seeders wanted tab and see if you have any of the sources I am looking for, I would really appreciate it.










I’ll do my best. Been a little while since I plugged in my drive.

I appreciate it Will. A lot of these sources were seeded 5+ years ago, so a lot of the original seeders aren’t around anymore. I have a post here and at the paug, so hopefully between you and voopa (who I talk with on the hub) I can get these complete and don’t have to create new ones. I have also started working on a spreadsheet for lossless Phish you may wanna check out.

Basically links the sources back to etree, LL and the setlist at Source info, shnids and mp3 samples of each source are included, and when available I have included the same songs for a side by side comparison.

Been staying away from my HDD unfortunately this past week. Sorry if I am letting ya down.