Phish Archive from festies

Does anyone have copies of the archive shows that werw played on the radio at festivals? From the Ball, Went, Wheel, Oswego, Cypress espsecially, IT, or Coventry? These were some of my favorite discs and were all stolen a while back and I can’t find other copies. PLEASE help if you can. Thanks!

I know a lot of those (all maybe even) were somewhat recently seeded on etree like two months ago or something.

I’ll check to see if they are still there.

12/31/99 Big Cypress
12/29/99 Big Cypress
08/15/04 Coventry
08/14/04 Coventry
08/13/04 Coventry
08/15/96 Clifford Ball

thanks Will! Now I have to learn how to use a computer. I am teh lame at etree stuff as I have never used it. Thanks for the info bro

I have at least the Coventry and I think also (not as sure) the Big Cypress, can do on the B&P if interested, PM if so. I can probably do a data-DVD with all of them on it.

BUMP!! Anyone have any of these archive collections from the radio at any of the festies???

please help a brother out!!

I have the sources of IT and Coventry. You can get those for around 15 bucks over there.

One way to avoid the torrents is getting Lemonwheel from The “Free Stash” has the radio sources of both days…they sound very clear.


I believe he is referring to the radio broadcasts played during those festivals.

Not the festivals themselves.

mmmckay whatev


alright you’re talking about Kevin Shapiro’s shows like Clifford Ball radio and the Bunny,right? the archive shows for festie radio? i gotem all if you need - but you can go here and get sendspace files for the ones you want: its f’n killer !!!
cheers and see you on tour!

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