Phish Big Cypress SDB sampler tracks

I just found this link.
19 track sampler of various sbd recordings from big cypress.

Cross-eyed is nasty,…but you already know this. :slight_smile:

Holy fucking Shapiro, Batman!

The file link says “Complete Cypress SBD” and is pretty damn large. You said sampler…please clairfy! Intrigued minds want to know (while I download).

EDIT: Sampler…but damn damn cool!

Give us the full show, Kevin!!!

Not them all,…but close. :slight_smile:

It’s only a matter of time for the whole thing now.

This has been an AMAZING listen here at the office. i closed the door and let it play. On my second time around listening now. That Mike’s is MONEY…I forgot how good it was! I was there, and I honestly have not listened to Cypress in a long long time. The AUDs of these shows are just sonically weak and slightly terrible in my opinion, and it is very trying to listen to them for these ears.

I have been waiting for a Cypress release ever since I left Florida that January 2000. it’s only a matter of time, now.

Thanks man!!

I am listening to this yet again today. The long Rock N Roll is fucking phenomenal.
Not to mention the groovy YEM. Damn this is gonna be a sweet package when they release it!

10 years… the long gig. Soon?

The Rock n Roll is phenomenal.

Damn, I want this whole thing!

yeah…I played it a bunch of times this week-end. A friend dropped by while it was playing…

“Wot show ya listening to?”

“Big Cypress…soundboard”

“WHAT? Where the hell did you score that? is it out now”

It is only a matter of time.