Phish Dry Goods official merchandise

There’s a bunch of shirts from the 2nd leg of Summer '09 on sale now:

It’s not like I work for Dry Goods or get kickbacks from them or anything like that… :think:

…but I check the site from time to time, and they have some Festival 8 merch for sale right now.

I especially like this one:

Did you spend all your money on bunk mushrooms? Drop $50 on plastic cups of beer? Forget your tour merchandise inside the venue?

Well, fear no more! A few Phish Fall '09 shirts are on Dry Goods:

^I’m starting to think you do work for drygoods. :laughing:

You know I checked out the shirts at Cincy and I gotta say I was kinda disappointed. I don’t really see the correlation with honey pots and bears with the fall…Isn’t that summer? Aren’t bears hibernating? Huh…I get the hot cocoa, but the other ones I didn’t quite understand.

does anyone think they’ll put up the orange nalgenes on drygoods?

mine fucking broke when i got home, my friend dropped it on the floor and the bottom cracked.

i thought nalgenes didnt fucking break!!!

bah, the blue one was cool too, but now i just want to fix my phi8h one…

Yeah thats pretty fucked! Nalgenes are not supposed to break. I love my blue one! Even though I found the free water faucets soon after I bought my free refill nalgene and used that most of the weekend.
Sorry I missed hangin with ya. You goin to any Bisco NYE run?

I’m looking at my orange one right now! I have definitely broken a lexan nalgene bottle befire, but it took a lot more than just dropping it on the floor. That sucks man.

Love this time of year. 7 Below sales on Dry Goods. I think the sale ends tomm…

Got 209$ worth of Merchandise for a cool 77$, with free shipping if you spend 77$+ :thumbup:

Got the Amsterdam '97 8 disc box set for 17.77 down from 40 :smiley:

I aready have them but they have the Alpine and Utica 2010 shows dvd/cd package for 7$.FYI