Phish~ Live Ones Vol. 10

Live Ones Vol. 10

  1. Let’s Go (10/21/16)
  2. Mercury (7/22/15)
  3. Can’t Always Listen (12/30/15)
  4. How Many People Are You? (7/8/16)
  5. Shade (7/21/15)
  6. Ass Handed (10/15/16)

This one’s a little short, but I’m willing to amend it if they add some new sh!t real quick like. I have the impression they’re taking a break though and it’s a good time to pull this together … and this isn’t the shortest collection in this series anyway; Vol. 5 is shorter by like seven minutes… Nice collection of songs though, and I feel “Shade” benefits from its placement in this context.

Okay this is no longer a thing. Let’s Go being officially a Mike solo track cuz of the OGOGO album leaves me only five tunes according to my system for this series, so this one’s a no-gogo. We stand at Vol. 9.