Phish on Simpsons

Does anyone happen to now the season and episode number that Phish appeared on the Simpsons? I was just curious if it has been released as part of one of their season box sets yet, and if not how long I’ll have to wait. Thanks guys.

its one o the last few years…wont be out for awhile…as for specifics i cant help

Just found the info…

Season 13, Episode 16.

Looks like I’ve got a long time to wait considering they just released Season 6.

My favorite part is how Homer pronounces pothead as poth-ead.

I saw a poster on ebay once with the guys sketched like they were in that episode… it was all crinkled up though, always wished I saw one in good condition

that wasn’t homer. that was a guy introducing homer.

<-- simpsons nerd.

I thought it was Page, actually. Could be mistaken, though.

^ It was Page. Page introduces Homer, so you’re all right. Except for you, marley, you’re in timeout.

I suck!!!

They did play “Antelope” on that episode, right?

They have a shirt like that on Ebay, not sure if you have seen these before or not:…QQ cmdZViewItem

Yes, and the Simpson’s theme.

“Remember that time when I dropped my keys and you thought the phone was ringing?”

“Warning: Things may appear more edible than they actually are.”

otto spelled backwards is otto…

That South Park PHISH shirt is fucking awesome!

Or how about the South Park episode about a “festival” that most likely was based on a Phish festival? Pretty amusing given that I loved going to festivals but there was always that element that rubbed me the wrong way, and that’s some of what the South Park episode touched on.

<–from that episode

I do believe the source for that show is 3/13/92. I listened to it today in the car. Run Like a Big Black Furry Antelope From Mars. This may be my favorite song Phish has ever performed… Amazing, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ teased twice in the beginning, ‘Simpsons’ in the beginning and end, and just amazing segue jamming… mmmmmm

“Medical Marijuana” or “Homer Smokes Pit”. I’ve seen the episode titled as both. Did you guys see the Charlie Brown cartoon featuring Phish? It was hilarious…but very very wrong.