PHiSH On Vinyl

Who’s got Phish records?

I think I only don’t have White Tape, Two Soundchecks, and Trey’s TTE clear record. I don’t know if Shine or Trey Anastasio were pressed to vinyl, and maybe Page’s solo stuff got vinyl pressings … but I have the other like ten records that they’ve issued.



I can’t see dropping almost 1K on a record. I’ve paid up to probably $70 for an album on vinyl, and I feel really guilty spending that much. I’d like to get the White Tape LP someday, but it’s well out of reach at $200 or whatever it’s fetching now.

But maybe I should start to keep my love of vinyl quiet, eh? Didn’t realize I had valuables.

Still zero bids on the Lawn Boy :stuck_out_tongue: … I mean, I guess that’s comforting that nobody’s bidding.

People paying hundred$ for a two song 45 and hundred$ for a white vinyl copy of the white tape pretty much ensures that I’ll not be buying one. I’d love to see those prices come down. Maybe someday.

Anyone else have Phish records or is it just me?

I am truly jealous that you have phish on vinyl. My buddy has SOTG and it kicks ass. That’s about the only record I would want on vinyl, with the exception of maybe Junta and/or Round Room.

Or Billy Breathes or Hoist.
Or Lawn Boy or -

ah shit, I’m addicted.

So that Lawn Boy auction’s been relisted for a cheaper price … only $699 instead of $749! :laughing:
wtf. All the ‘white tape’ records are going for $200.

The White Tape and Party Time are being released on Nov. 25th at independant record stores. It’s one of those “special” release things. If you have some locals call them and see if they preordered any. The one in my home town ordered a couple but he doesnt know if he will get them. Just a heads up if you didn’t know about this. :sunglasses: … ack-friday

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Very nice. I’ll probably grab 'em both, though the White Tape isn’t really fun to listen to IMO.

But … but on vinyl you only have to listen to one half at a time!

Party Time on Vinyl - FTW!!!

I’m kind of tempted to get Party Time on vinyl, but I’m curious about the White Tape. Do you think it’ll be the same mix as the 1999 Dry Goods release (which obviously suffered from WAAAAY too much noise reduction), or a more clean transfer? Also, is there a tracklist out? I’d definitely buy it if The Curtain With (on the digital version) was on there.

Wow, this is my first post here in well over a year. Funny that.

I’m sure it’s the same mix, no Curtain With. I could be wrong. Personally I like the noise-reduced result, at least compared to what I had before the official release. Huge improvement. I’d say skip it, since that way = more for me, except you’re in VA it says, so what do I care.

i’ve got some… Story of the Ghost, Farmhouse, White Tape, Horseshoe Curve… hmm. that might be all of it.

wish i had Two Soundchecks… maybe someday :slight_smile:

i think only “Page McConnell” was on vinyl… definitely neither Vida Blue album… nearly positive Shine wasn’t on LP… i would have opted for that instead of the CD which had all that anti-ripping drama surrounding it on release.

Seis De Mayo might have been on LP…

I just went through them and it turns out I’ve got Lawnboy, The White Tape, Joy & Party Time. I’ve also got Trey’s Original Boardwalk Style (Totally rad) and Mike’s Moss (x 2 for some odd reason, 1 signed), Inside In and Green Sparrow. I feel like I missed one, but I can’t figure it out. Been trying to get SOTG & Farmhouse for years.

Wow, you have the White Tape. Hoping to get it in the morning, best of luck to me.

Another Lawn Boy :open_mouth:

I have a copy of the white tape and party time on vinyl that I am looking to trade.

I am looking for the 7" RSD demo from earlier this year, The Story of the Ghost, or Rift. I would be willing to talk cash to even up depending upon the deal.

What’s the 7’ demo your talking about? There are SOTG’s out there to be had for a price, however I’m afraid you’re gonna be looking a long time for the Rift on vinyl. It was never released on vinyl, maybe someday.

Gotta be talking about Two Soundchecks. And don’t bother looking for Rift vinyl. One time I sold my soul to a guy for a Rift double record, and a KI$$ Carnival of Souls LP and I never even got it.