Phish songs out in the world

For quite some time I’ve found myself noticing phish song names in everyday places. In supermarkets, school buildings, and even in the street I catch sight of phish song titles. I started snapping pictures of them with my phone a few months ago. Here’s what I got so far!

My favorites are steam, for it’s grittiness, and YEM, for it’s sheer coincidence. I also think steam and stash would both make great lot shirts.

Wow Yoni, that is very cool. I love Steam as well. What a fantastic idea!

That’s awesome Yoni. There’s a sign on 75 I pass that says EDAG, the chords to the Slave jam, almost in order.

i got a good one on my phone. how do i post it?

^Put on photobucket and upload.

Thanks, Im on it…

No, but this thread is a great idea…I can’t wait to start doing this. I always think about it when I see this shit, now I have somewhere to put it! :thumbup:

From the opening credits of “How I Met Your Mother.”

Nice! She is also on the credits of Seinfeld. On there it just says Suzy Greenberg for like two seasons, then the “Mamann” comes on.

There’s also a great iPhone app called picup that uploads to imgur. Might exist for other phones too. Imgur kicks tuches.

Drew i make deliveries there from time occassionally but havent since like march. i used to even be the mayor of that place on foursquare for a minute :laughing:

I deliver pizzas into the NICU a lot. In fact, I deliver to the one I was in nearly 25 years ago!

^take a picture next time!

I didn’t get pics (so it may not have happened) but today I was in Bed Bath and Beyond and there was a product called Tweezerman, and directly across was a product called Simplehuman. :laughing:

I’ve eaten at this place many a time but never snapped a shot because I had no where to put such a pic, Yoni has changed that! Located at the Terminal Brewhouse in Chattanoga, TN …my aunt orders this all the time

^ Sorry dude but I can’t see the image. Re-up plox!
[EDIT: Ok can see it now]

^Really? arghh, lemme see what I can do

how bout now?

Seemed like an appropriate place to repost this :smiley: Taken in Tahoe last summer.

I love going to a restaurant and seeing one of these. Always makes me smile.

In my office…