Poll: Favorite Side Project Album


  • Pork Tornado-Self Titled (2002)
  • Page McConnell-Self-Titled (2007)
  • Mike Gordon-The Green Sparrow (2008)
  • Mike Gordon-Moss (2010)
  • Trey Anastasio-Self-Titled (2002)
  • Trey Anastasio-Shine (2005)
  • Trey Anastasio-Bar 17 (2006)
  • Trey Anastasio-Horsehoe Curve (2007)
  • Trey Anastasio-Traveler (2012)
  • Other (Vida Blue, Any other Trey or Mike Album not listed)

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So which release ranks as your favorite?!

Mike Gordon - Inside In… by a large margin.

^That is a wonderful album, I got my copy signed when I met him back in 2011 in Burlington…I like the Bonus Content on the Vinyl Release as well…

Inside In is a little weird for me … I think it might be my least favorite of the three Mike albums I have. But it’s still cool. Very much has its own identity, really a personality all its own.

I chose Green Sparrow, but considered Horseshoe Curve. Love both of those releases.

I voted “other” for Oysterhead. Love that album!

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I’m with you!