Polls Open January 1st, 2009

Voting will not be open until Miami is over.

Also, if a song is played more than 10 times, it needs to have two polls. We can resolve this issue in one of two ways.

  1. Hope everybody just votes for one SONG once, so you would only vote for ONE You Enjoy Myself, even though there will be two polls.

  2. Have a run-off of the top-three or four vote getters after the polls have been opened a while.

Hope everyone enjoys this!

A run-off?

What is this, California?


Sorry about voting in Frankenstein already.
I got carried away when Will was making this. :shifty:

You are all towels!

Except you two. You two are towel-towels.


No wavy guy.

no but i do believe South Florida is involved in this.

what’s our Hanging Chad policy?

Oh, now I understand what this stuff is all about. Cool idea Will!

Best My Soul of the year last night, clearly.

My ban finger is itching.

I could make a pre-emptive strike, you know.

So I am in the midst of getting shitty at a friends… probably wont’t be complete tomorrow… but it will be open!

Let the voting begin!

Polls are open!

Not all threads/polls complete yet, but what did you expect? :wave:

i have to cast 156 votes? holy fuck…

So, according to the title of this thread, voting starts one year ago.


Oh man I can’t believe we spaced on the date!

Ha…That’s classic. I do this shit all the time at the beginning of the year. I don’t really get it down until March.

Haha. Oh well. I was sure to get one or eighty things wrong.

Also, I had to edit a few polls to include the Miami run, so if you voted before I changed it… your vote got deleted.

So suck on that one.

Nice going, Will.


I think we are good to go!!

There was a total of 78 songs only played once… and looking through the list, I highly doubt any of them will be in the “Best Song of 2009” final bracket buster-athon.

So on that note, get to voting!

(Also, if anybody notices I missed something, please point it out & then call me a towel.)

And enjoy this now… because I for one will not be doing this again. Much more time/work than I was imagining. A maximum of 10 poll results is weak sauce.