Post a RANDOM video


I try to avoid watching random videos because then I just get stuck watching a whole bunch.

And finally, Sockbaby, my favorite Internet film ever. It’s in three parts.

“I wish they put subtitles on the Spanish channel. So I knew what the hell I was laughing at.”
-Mitch hedberg-

old woman swearing. nice.

HAHAHAHA!! um,…hahahahahaha

That crazy frog…

This guy is DRUNK…and cops are not the ones to party with.

I hope you understand japanese. Bye, bye Earth.

^^HAHAHAHA! When he bends over… HA! HAHAHHAHAHAHAAhHAh!!! HA! HAHAA!! That is just too damn funny. I like how he looks for his ID where his money is. And I like the screaming Wookie at the end.

Ninja master


here is a video of me peeing.


From the comments for that last video:
“She needs a holiday in Iraq. Maybe she would end up being afraid of something REALLY scary, like suicide bombers and snipers.”

Enjoy, this is some crazy film


ACID? Yes please!

Something about watching people beat the hell out of each other fills me with great happiness because people who fight are jackasses and I wish there were less of them.

I heard this guy taught Trey all he knows.

Hmmmm. Big’ens ya say? Not my beer…