probably mentioned once before but...

when i login is there any way i can press tab once and have it move into the password field instead of some random link on the login page?

On my browser here at work my login/password automatically pre-populate. But not my home computer.

So to answer your question…I don’t know.

Login FOREVER… muahahahahaha.

^ yep. I’m not sure I even remember what my password is. I’ve only typed it in one time.

at home my password is saved, but when i’m at work i don’t like to have shit like that saved. but it’s annoying that i have to press tab more than once (it’s like 8 times or something) just to get to the right place.

You could use your mouse?

yeah, i have to, but this is probably the only web form in the entire internets that doesn’t tab correctly

i don’t think this was mentioned once before?

ha ha… the tab function not working

it’s things like these that make me love the pa that much more… it’s like my first car… the gas gauge didn’t work… had to use the tripometer to count my miles… I knew once i hit 300 miles I should hit the gas station

i found if i put in the password first i can shift-tab up to the username. i guess i’ll have to do it backwards for now.

the only reason i’m concerned is because i’m an anti-mouse kind of person. :stuck_out_tongue: not really, i just hate using the mouse when the keyboard works much easier and faster 99.99999% of the time.

I’ve only logged in one time. Then the deed was done forever.