Q #4 Have Mercy v. #12 Sweet Jane

Vote and discuss!

“Haaave Mercy”

The first time I heard “Sweet Jane” was in November of 2002. Having just purchased LP 16, I popped in disc 2 as I was driving back from college over Thanksgiving break. It would have been on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 26th. It was on a flat stretch of a two-lane highway (Indiana SR 29) in between Logansport and Frankfort.

I remember it so well because I was so captivated by the jam section that I drove off the road and nearly into a ditch before correcting and someone getting back on the road, albeit into the other lane. Luckily no cars were in that other lane.

You tend to remember your near-death experiences quite vividly.

Well I was high at the time, but still.

Oswego Tweezer–>Mercy forces me to vote for Have Mercy. Such a cool reggae song.

Sweet Jane is cool and that is a great version, but I’d rather hear Train Around the Bend, Rock and Roll, or Cool it Down.


I agree with “R & R” and “Cool it Down,” though.

tuff choice, but i went with have mercy

Fine, I’ll say it: Sweet Jane seeded 12th? ??? ??? ???

Have mercy…meh.

have mercy, have mercy is beating sweet jane, have mercy on sweet jane have mercy

i love it

fine, I’ll say it.

Your complaining about seeding is getting old.

ha ha

There are days when i awake and say to myself i am going to believe everything i see. Today is not one of those days. For weeks, neigh months, i have simulated this exact scenario in my head. Every time Sweet Jane has come out ahead.

Vegas had sweet jane picked (3-1)
Pete Rose put a sweet dime on sweet jane
And the mafia told Have mercy that they would breaks its thumbs if it didn’t take a dive

ha ha

TIE. Someone please vote. Thank you.

Have Mercy wins!

Dear Phish,

Please never ever ever bring back Have Mercy. The old school fans need a song to cherish. It would be the culmination of every new-school song chaser’s wet dream for you to bestow such kindness upon them. Please refrain from such urges in the future, so old folks will have a song to wave in the younger generations face(it’s all we got left)!

Sincerely, Derrick

Dear Phish,

Please don’t allow Derrick into any of your shows. The “old school” fans that want something to rub into other fans faces don’t deserve the greatness that is Phish.



P.S. If you’re really reading this…you rock Mike!

Dear Derrick,

Go bunK yourself, custie locks :wave:

-Have Mercy Fan

Dear Brett. Please aim your misguided aggression towards a more worthy cause. Or at least eat some humble pie.

Dude I don’t mean to have an ongoing battle with you. I really don’t and it’s all been in jest.

But this kind of thing really bugs me. You want them to shelf a song for the mere fact of having it to flaunt and dangle over the younger generation of fans?

Now, I stand somewhat in between ages of fans here, and I’ve seen a few shows, but I don’t go around gloating and being proud of what I’ve seen that others have not.

Why sir, do you take this holier than thou approach to what is a funking great fucking song? I wish more than anything that everyone, no matter when they discovered the band, could enjoy seeing this one get dusted off.

You’re on this high horse a lot of times and it’s very juvnile. You’re not that much older than me dude, and believe me, I don’t take the stance that I am above anyone here or anywhere, but you seem to get off on being this old school head.

Just mellow out man, taste some chili, enjoy the breeze and let’s all get back in this together, cool?