Rare Phish Items for Sale - Bulova Watch from 1998


I have several very rare Phish items that I am considering putting on eBay for auction. Before I did that, I wanted to see if there are folks here that would be interested. Items include the Bulova watch from New Year’s Eve 1998. Only 50 of these were produced and given to the band’s employees after the tour. I also have a watch (without the watch band) from the It show that was given to employees and friends of the band by GNP after IT in 2003. I also have a sewing kit with a mirror inside from the release of Bittersweet Motel and a bunch of shirts, swag, etc. Thanks in advance for any advice or interest.

How much are you looking for the watch with the band?

What’s the other assorted swag? I’d be interested in either watch. Nice stuff…I’m assuming you know or were an employee in the past?

Hi Alpinehead and Lifeboyo,

Thanks for the interest. Still getting through all the stuff we have in storage. Mostly NWT shirts, other weird and unusual gear. I honestly can’t remember all the stuff we have in boxes.

Haven’t figured out a price for the Bulova yet. Still doing a little research on what I should offer. So uncommon not much of an way to gauge it.

I could only find this: expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/30848

I think I might throw the IT watch up on eBay tomorrow with a low reserve. It seems to be the best way to deal with it.


PM sent.

I ended up listing this stuff and a bunch of other Phish items (14 in all) on eBay - all with $1.00 reserves.

Here’s some of it:

ebay.com/itm/Phish-Metal-Pil … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Rare-Phish-IT-W … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Ultra-Rare-Limi … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Phish-Promotion … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Phish-Ticket-St … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Phish-Ticket-St … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Phish-ticket-st … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/Phish-Big-Cypre … 500wt_1015

ebay.com/itm/PHISH-2003-VIP- … 500wt_1015

Also listed this Danny Clinch original photo of Trey and Neil Young:

ebay.com/itm/110848607955?ss … 500wt_1015


Any of you end up snagging this watch? I never wear watches or I woulda been right on it. I think it went for $320.

I bid $240. It was gone in seconds.