Reba - Phinest in the Nation shirt

Finally got the shirts back from the printer. Printed on 50/50 Gildan blend shirts. Available in all sizes. PM me or check out the ebay listing. … 500wt_1287

Is it a lot shirt if it is on eBay first? :wink:

This is about trying to usurp your “Summer 2012 Prints” thread, isn’t it?

Even better:

Haha well played good sir. :wave:

This… is awesome! :thumbup: :sunglasses: I need me some phinest. Hmmm… to buy now or on the lot :think:

^Heeeeey I think I just got your screen name? It’s phinst as in “Phinest” isn’t it? Not as in “finst” as in “I have no idea what the means but whatever”?

Yeeeeeaaaap. They don’t just let anyone go for their Ph.D. ::sips coffee::

^ :laughing: Yep, It is Phinst as in Phinest. It was my license plate for many yrs, hence dropping the “e”. I’ve been asked many times before. Some asked if I was a pianist, just full of my self or even a…penis :eh: I so need to get those plates again… Oh and a new shirt :mrgreen:

^small penis? Whoa, what? LMAO… :clap: :wave:

I want one Doug! XL, ASAP!

^ :eh: :wtf: Um It’s a Honda Accord, Mid-size. Holds up to 4 passengers comfortably…

A penis or shirt :question: :wave:

^ :laughing:

I really want one of these!

I’ll get in touch with you at DC. I had to run inside at the one-eyed lizard because it was so fucking hot and I was jonesin to watch the soccer match.