REGIONAL FINAL: C. Chase - #1 v #2


No…why? I can’t decide. I’m going to waive my right to vote. Jake or Elwood? Fuck that.

I would have thought you’d lean towards your fellow Canadian.

I like Belushi, but I like Aykroyd more.

I’ve gotta vote Belushi. His stuff with Aykroyd was generally written more by Aykroyd, hence the jokes can be attributed more to him, but Belushi was just a wild animal. No one can compare to Belushi. The most I ever laughed in my life was watching the Belushi Best of on TV after one of the first times I smoked weed. I decided there and then that Belushi was the funniest man ever, and I can’t go back on that.

His St. Patrick’s Day news correspondance with Curtain is the funniest thing ever on SNL. At one point he just about smacks her, and I believe, deep down, that he was really going to.