REGIONAL FINAL: Ebony/Ivory - #4 v #2



this is a tough one.
Gotta think for bit, but I’m leaning Hartman.

i liked hartmans humor more than mike

both are funny, but phil is funnier to my style of humor

That’s basically how I feel. I mean Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, The Sinatra Group, Donahue…he did the greatest Donahue by far. But beyond that, he was a brilliant writer and a great supporting actor. Meyers had that lead role down with his characters, but he never struck me as all that funny when he was in a supporting role.

IMO Carvey > Meyers. But Phil >>>>>>>>>>>>>Carvey > Meyers

You guys are insane, Myers was fantastic on SNL.

So was Hartman, of course.