Ronald Reagan Super Highway

I don’t know if I have mentioned my band before but I am actually in one. We are called The Ronald Reagan Super Highway (Republicans were the hot thing when we were naming our band, If we would have named the band today it would probably be the JFK Super Highway)

here is our site

check us out if you want, if you don’t I am cool with it.

Good sounding stuff.

I added you as a friend, because I am awesome and whatnot.

Holy shit. I never saw this thread before. (I saw a post in the dream cover thread and came here.) Tom, if I had known, I could have gotten your autograph in Chicago in 2017. Super fun and cool. Do you ever see those guys these days?

That Myspace link no longer works. Who knew? Try this:




OH NO! At least all three recordings had the “drums drowning everything else out” sound that we were going for.

That was my high school and freshman year of college band. We were better than those recordings would lead you to believe, unfortunately our album is lost. Who knows, maybe 30 years from now a band will hear our album and cover it in its entirety.

I see them all the time. I was the drummer’s best man, and I stood up in the bassist’s wedding as well. I went to Rosemont night 1 with the latter. Last year the bassist suggested getting together and playing another show, but… you know…life.

Here’s some more semi-embarrassing music. [youtube][/youtube]

And the link below is a bunch of songs I recorded with a friend just after college, when I was dealing with crippling anxiety, so literally every song is about anxiety… sans Memo 9. Memo 9 is a funk song about “what if a weaponized song that causes the listener’s brain to slowly decay went viral?” (Sung from the perspective of an infected person.)