Round one will run for close to a week or so.

That was a lot of typing.

Get to voting!

Nice work Will.


oh man, i didn’t know this was gonna happen!

sweet deal, William!

Interesting tidbit to chew on.

Was Deer Creek the best show of the year?

That single show got 10 songs in this bracket.

Between the two Alpine shows, 16 songs are selected.

Between the four Miami shows, 16 songs are selected.

Darien Lake and Knoxville both have 7 songs.


yea will! :clap: :clap: :clap:

done and done. bring on round 2 :thumbup:

HUGE ups to Will.I.Breathes for doing this.

Whenever we do the next one, he’s exempt from having to lift a finger.


let’s put 'em together for will! :clap:

maybe you can refer me to another thread, but how did you select the songs?

Not only will I show to a thread, I will show to you a whole frickin’ Forum.


Willbreathes…OKP Post 2009 MVP

Is there somewhere where we can see the actual “brackets”? Or is the seeding for each round random?

I have made brackets out, so this is not entirely random.

If I had a scanner, I would put them up.

I may close this down tomorrow, and on to Round Two!

So get those votes in!

What time?

I need to know.

4:20 duhhhhhh.

AM or PM, you will never know.

Until it happens.

  • sets alarm for 4:19am *

bring on round 2!

^that’s what she said!

It’s PM.


round 2 in 3 min or so?