Not a fan.

It has potential to b in the Joy/Dirt/etc. category… the opening needs more to it.

Dirt has way more actual music to it, and good lyrics, imo.

I didn’t like the main chorus lyrics, though I don’t currently remember them. Not crazy about this one. Still glad they’re writing new stuff regardless.

I can’t be sure, but I would imagine my original post in this thread was either the critic saying “it stinks” or the album cover for “Shark Sandwich.” Three years later, I would firmly stand by either of those.

Shade doesn’t ruin a set (well… maybe Deer Creek '16), but it might be the single most boring Phish tune. I didn’t say worst, but rather “boring.”

I’ve seen Shade 4 times since my last Strange Design, and 3 times since my last Billy Breathes. At this point I would rather catch another Anything But Me.

I heard a sweet story about a fan approaching Trey before Dick’s and asking why Phish shelved this song, because she thought it was pretty. He was touched, and gushed about how much he likes it too. They played it later that night. If I could go back in time and change one thing, I would go back and prevent this interaction from occurring.


I love this song.