Shows I Have On My Agenda

Not much in the horizon.

Someone play me sad music.


Throws on Grease soundtrack

frowns at Willbreathes

boofs DMT


Somewhere in my winter clothing stash, scarf is sad… :open_mouth:

Shows on my agenda…

you gotta take lyphe by the balls, Will. Make it happen. It’s all up to you, brah. Don’t ever give up.

Yeah Will, Sweep the leg of life buddy, you can do it!!

At this point, hopefully moe.down!

Just added:

Hank Williams 3 at CLE HOB 12/02. Yessir, one of the few reasons I will attend the HOB.

Anyone wanna go see Ace with me in Foxboro Halloween night?

I’m half kidding. But when you flip it over, it’s also half serious. :crazy:

Hank3 played here a month ago but I had just gotten back from Denver and was broke. Karl denson plays here on the 3rd too, maybe I can convince my mom to go…she’s visiting me next week

Funny part is, Hank3 vowed to never play in Ohio again because Dimebag was killed in Columbus. Glad things have changed!

Panic tomorrow at the Chicago Theater.
Umphrey’s on Thanksgiving weekend at the Aragon Ballroom.

November has a lot of schtuff on my docket.

Jackie the Jokeman
personal Phish show at my place
and some other smaller stuff

Railroad Earth tomorrow.

I’ve got to count things up… but I may be close to 30.

By which I mean 2003.

I want to go to the personal Phish show… :wave:

Umphrey’s McGee this weekend here in Chicago.

Think I’m gonna get Hank’d on Friday night.
Make some Noooiiizzzee!!!

Umphreys in missoula march25 Booyah…hopefully I still live here then haha