Shows I Have On My Agenda

Seeing Holly Bowling in about 4 hours!

How was it? Saw her in September and it was tremendous.

Also she played my Twitter request so that was cool.

I just saw the Everyone Orchestra last night, anyone ever see that? I guess the trombone/vocalist from Trey’s band was up there, and Al from Moe. I didn’t recognize the others. I guess it’s a rotating lineup of all-stars, led by a conductor. It was a lot cooler than I expected it to be. I was in the opening act, singing b-vox for my friend Gary’s band, so I drove home feeling mildly relevant.

Otherwise, I ain’t seein’ squat. I’ll go catch Star Wars 8; that’s as close as I’m getting to a show anytime soon.

Was grand, really spacey second set. Third time seeing her solo, each time very different.

That I Know You Rider must have been 20 minutes at least, smoked!!

That setlist looks great. Definitely going to catch Holly anytime she plays around here.

A Perfect Circle in about 7 hours… weeeeeeee.

Keller Williams
January 27, 2018
Granada Theater
Dallas, Texas
Prices half off this past weekend
I got an early Christmas gift ticket for $11 plus $3 taxes/fees

Dec 31 - Greensky Bluegrass @ The Riviera Theatre
Jan 27 - Tedeschi Trucks Band @ The Chicago Theatre
Feb 17 - JRAD @ The Riviera Theatre

I may go to Mayer & Company in New Orleans.

Holy Crap, Ghost Light is amazing.

Saw the tour ender, but will not be missing them when the chance arrives.

They did a cover of There There which blew my socks off.

Oh snap, here it is: … ink.flac16

Last week my girlfriend and I saw Lake Street Dive at a place called Thalia Hall. This week we’re going to see U2 at the United Center. I didn’t think I was a fan of big arena shows until I saw them at the UC in like 2015, now I’m on board with it, but it really depends on the band.

Then we’re going to see Bon Iver and Ray LaMontagne next month.

Some peeps I know went to the Ghost Light show in Chicago last week, but I skipped it cause I already had plans that night.

In the last month I’ve seen way more shows than normal for me … I hit my quota for the year, if I had one.

4/27 They Might Be Giants @ House of Blues Boston
5/06 Utopia @ Orpheum Theater Boston
5/12 Stryper @ MIXX 360 Malden MA

I had a total blast at all three shows, especially Stryper honestly. Was with the tightest crew of the three, for that one, just a surprisingly smooth and fun night. Plus maybe the Lord? You never do know.

Musically I guess it’s a tough call, all three acts were very adept and tight too. Probably Utopia was most musically impressive, but seriously all three bands brought it.

TMBG is my favorite of the three bands, and it was possibly the best TMBG show I ever saw … but those other two shows made more of an overall impact in my head …

So here I’ve waded into this bizarro territory where I’m trying to rank them but cannot. And now it’s down to Lo! Behold! Yea! (pronounced yay)

Okay, stab at it time

  1. Utopia
  2. TMBG
  3. Stryper

But that Stryper show was great man. I’d never seen that sh!t, I thought they really did it right. I surpised my buddy for his birthday with his ticket, and Diana came along and had a great night, was teh good times.

I don’t currently have anything on my list before Tahoe.

Likely will see 1-2 shows between now and then, but haven’t landed on which yet.
Anyone got input on shows coming up in the Bay Area?

lol, I always thought that Stryper was just some generic hair metal band. I had no idea they were a Christian band until like a year or two ago.

Looking quickly at stubhub, these are the shows I’d be interested in…
May 24 - Modest Mouse
May 25 - Lake Street Dive
June 1 - Ray LaMontagne
June 2 - Johnny Marr
June 4 - The Kooks
June 17 - Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls
June 28 - The Go Go’s
July 12 - Sylvan Esso
July 19 & 20 - My Bloody Valentine
August 2-4 - The Hold Steady

Dead & Co - Alpine Valley, June 23
Phish - BGCA ×2, Forum Friday only, Dicks x3
Gov’t Mule and The Avett Brothers - Tinley Park, August 24th

The Bon Iver show at Pritzker Pavilion was great, even sitting towards the back of the lawn the sound was really good. We saw them in Milwaukee in February, and they played mostly older stuff. The show last night was almost entirely songs off of their new album, which I really like, so I was glad to get two almost completely different shows.

Going to see Field Report again tomorrow night at a really small venue in Evanston, Space. Looking forward to that for sho.

The Flecktones coming up this month, very small venue. Tour opener, which they are calling this show a warm up show. Totally fine by me, some of the best musicians there are.

Weeeeen tonight. Been years since I got brown.

some solo guy named troy antipasta