Sickest Segue??

oh man! just thinking back to that moment gives me goose bumps to this day…

7-22-97 Raleigh, NC

Second set…DWD slows down so much and then tapers right into the slowest, most metalesque beginning to Mikes Song…



Whats your favorite segue(->)??

7-17-99 - Oswego

First Set Tweezer had a long, long jam that segued perfectly into the first Have Mercy in years. Gives me chills how sick it was.

The Curtain > Tweezer

abrupt and well coordinated, all 4 bandmembers are there.


ACDC - > Psycho Killer

This had to be known by all 4 members before they came on stage for this opener, because it is just so damn smooth

There’s a thread like this already on the Live Phish board, but what the hell.
And no, that AC/DC Bag -> Psycho Killer wasn’t planned.

I thoroughly enjoy hearing 7.8.00:

Tweezer->Walk Away
A very standard show but underrated nonetheless.

Another nice segue is 11.21.98:

Boogie On->NICU

I was at that show and my buddy Barney was the first around us to catch it and he caught it early too. Definately in my top 5 transitions!

My favorite is definatlely Ghost>Slave 7-4-99.
Wolfman’s>Sneakin Sally 7-17-99 is #2

ghost > mike’s > llama 12.13.97

Most segues that involve a Tweezer usually turn out pretty sweet. But one of the coolest segues that I’ve ever heard is Stash > Manteca > Stash > Dog Faced Boy > Stash from 11/21/95…really brilliant jam.

I heard an interesting segue today from my LEMONWHEEL soundboard 8-16:

So fluid it almost sounded rehearsed!

i think you got the date wrong on that one…its 11-14-95, Orlando FL…

i was supposed to be at that show and several following it…instead i spent the night in a youth home and the next few days were spent in marshes and orange groves evading police after i had broke out…

—The way the go from stash into manteca in that jam is definatly high on my list off “ill” shit…gordo with the bass thumpin, trey on his mini drum set…95 was a killer year!

Bowie > Catapult > Bowie

(4-17-92, 12-1-95, 2-16-03)

Absolutely nothing like it.

Speaking of Catapult…

SOAM>Catapult from 12/31/99 first set (Big Cypress) is pretty good. I wasn’t there but I;ve heard the tapes. Very cool.

speaking of catapult…i was just jamming 6-22-94…it’s a live phish release…i know, you all know that…but the ‘mikes > catapult > simple’ is super SICK!

Speaking of speaking of Catapult… there is another Live Phish release, dont remember which one sorry, but I was listening to it yesterday or a few days ago.

Run Like A -> Catapult -> Antelope

OK, after going to look for it, it is Vol 2, 7.16.94, in Vermont.

Perhaps it’s because I just got the show recently, and I wouldn’t call them the ‘smoothest’ segues, but the ‘sickness’ is high:

7-21-98, Desert Sky Pav., Phoenix, AZ

Ghost -> She Caught the Katy -> Funky Bitch

Was anyone here at that show? I didn’t get see them for the first time until a couple weeks later, 8-8-98, Merriweather, which incidently, although a GREAT show (I’m biased), had one of the most confusing segues I’ve heard, ie Sneakin Sally -> Guyute.

i can’t think of the date but i believe it’s in idaho bsu maybe… peaches>ac/dc or the night o.j. ran from the cops in millwalke the mikes groove is sick

I’m gonna follow the path of captainfantasy, because I do not remember the date of this show either. But there is a Wilson->Peaches en Regalia, where instead of the “blip blam boom” section of wilson, Trey does some other sound and they kick right into Peaches. The first time I heard that I fooled around and fell in love.

from livephish 10…6/22/94
so so so so so

8/14/93… 2001>Antelope>Sparks>Walk Away>Tinley Park Jam>Antelope>Have Mercy>Antelope

Rocking this right now… mmmm, tasty!