Simple, addicting games

I KNOW we have had these threads, but I don’t feel like looking for them.

anyoe else have a good, simple, addicting game?

I like this one when I’m stressed:

And this one too:



Here’s one Bill posted a little while ago. I have this one bookmarked.

I got a 44 first time on golf. Def a quick fun game.

Here is a link to a bigger sized helicopter game.

I haven’t played that one in a while but I’m pretty sure my high score was 2700-2800.

[edit] Here is another game.

For some reason I can’t access my Yahoo e-mail from work. I have this fun game linked in a post there. I’ll try to scrounge it out.


So, i went looking for this thread, or one like it, and i am a little surprised there is not a lot more links/posts in this thread.

So, i figured I’d get it back tot the top and see what happens…probably not alot at the end of the day on a Friday, right? is one of my favorites!

This game is mad addicting:

Fun site. Same concept for every game, just with different clues, topics, etc.

Woo! 16,750!

Fan of the Old NES?? Super Mario Crossover. A little confusing to me at first until I changed the buttons so that the left and right hand did what they did on the old controller.

Go there. Lots of good stuff.

Some fun here, maybe… :thumbup:

Here’s an updated version of the helicopter game as Flash is now dead: