Hello all, we (finally) have some styles on the way.

To change your default style:

1)Go to ‘User Control Panel’ at the top of the page.

2)Go to ‘Board preferences’.

3)Go down to ‘My board style’ and choose your preferred style from the drop-down list.

My room is round…awww yeahhh

Mmmmm. Grass.

This ROUND ROOM skin is the fatty boom batty!

Thanks Ian! :wave:

very soothing. Nice.



Has the Round Room skin been here the whole time?

Any chance we ever get the other old ones back?

I try to pretend that turd of a skin doesn’t exist.

I can look into making more… but I have no fucking clue how.

Oh, well I was enjoying turd skin. ? I miss the Junta one the most, because it was less obvious at work, mostly black & white. Lately with the smiling happy men riding the big red hot dog, I feel like I gotta click thru that shit fast.

What hot dog?


And yeah, I looked into making/importing skins… and it is all like gibberish to me.