all mighty godderators, please provide me with more skins so I can costruct my perfect phish suit

Sorry my friend, my friend. Goderators do not make skins (unless the other two possess skills I do not), but it is more a question for Cletus. I believe he said he was making two the last time I spoke with him… But who knows?

yeah, goderators!!!

where is HOIST, dammit!!

WHERE!!! you possess the skills,will…all of you do…!! now make it so…

Ian is the master of Skins…

i though you goderators could just snap your fingers and a new skin would be created…am i wrong, i thought that is what goderator status meant…

Well… we could… We just don’t feel like it hehehe [evil laugh]

But it is Ian who makes them…


If we made them, they would probably suck and look terrible. At least mine would…

This is kind of heady, but it would be great if their were a “skin” skin…you get it? It looks like skin, maybe a bit of hair, a mole and a big ass phish tattoo…Now I hate tattoos, but who wouldn’t use the skin skin?


^ Good point…I wouldn’t either…but at least I’m throwing some ideas out there on how to make this a better place to come to work everyday…Some kind of Candy Machine? More tartar sauce? How about a secretary? Maybe just a little virtual wookie secretary that dances to phish on my desktop…can you do that?

OK, I am getting there!!!

And Golden, the “skin” skin? Post of the year.

that sounds good…i’ll have that.

To be honest, i still use the default skin.


Jordan, tell him.

default is teh suck…

p.s. where is hoist? and i want story of the ghost!!

Not just two anymore eh Will, how do you feel aout that/

dont be a cock…thats my job…and im a brown one…figure it out, fooooool…

There was never two, it was always Glenn, Vern and Will. As we are growing daily I figure I want the people who bring most to this board having Goderator status. Peace.

Update alert.

Oh man, excellent job Ian!

Hoist is very… pink… But I LOVE that picture you used.

However, any chance I get, I want to see Mike in my background :slight_smile: Billy Breathes for WillBreathes!