Slip Stitch and Pass

I believe this album never made it to the sub groups for this board and I can’t understand why. because

SLip Stich and Pass fuckin ROCKS!!!

the flow is just amazing and its definitly one of my favorite albums, although its not a studio album, it still counts as an album so lets talk about it!!

Jesus left chicago is probably my favorite song on this album, along with Cities, both covers but both friggen AWESOME!!


On etree they just posted the Germany show where SS&P is from… Very good AUD source too, I would link it up here, but too lazy and hungover

I really dig the Mikes Groove way too much! I love his (whose) crazy Waters impressions! Careful With That Axe has always been a favorite of mine, so I really broke down laughing when I first heard them doing it so spot on…Too bad Ummagumma couldn’t have been a Musical Costume.

^ now if it had been would it have been just the live disc or would it have been live and studio?

Ha! I like the studio idea with each phish member doing each floyd members respective parts (ie. Mike doing Grandchester Meadows and SSOSFAGTICWP and Trey doing The Narrow Way)…but it could work live too in the same context.

the mikes > jam on there is so so dope…

i could listen to it 50 times and not be tired of it…

plus the wolfman’s is straight funk…me likey

could not agree more. “Mike’s” is not only a good version, it sounds so crisp because of the small room. Dark, eerie jam at “the end.” “Wolfman’s” is delicous.

Whoops, completely forgot about Slip, Stitch & Pass! Good call on bringing it up, I’ll give it it’s own board later on today… When I think about it, I actually prefer Slip to A Live One. The sound is fantastic, you can hear everything that goes on and…that Wolfman’s!!! :o

wait…does “a live one” have it’s own board?

the stash on there is so so hottt…yep…three t’s

pardon my stupidity but is slip, stitch, and pass actually taken from 1 show. i always assumed it was a compilation like a live one. correct me if im wrong…

no, it is highlights of one show: 3/1/97 Hamburg Germany. If you haven’t heard the rest yet, you should CHECK IT OUT!

I just got this last night off of e-tree. Anybody want to offer a trade???

The whole show by the way.^^^^

it’s a shame they didnt try to fit either the reba or the dwd from the show on the actual release

but it’s kick ass either way… i love the first 97 europe tour!

Yeah I remember when SS&P was released, I was living in Iowa City going to school. Everyone who was a phan just raved about it. IT made “A Live One” sound like a really long lecture on philosophy given by a one of those charismatically challenged professors I sometime encounted. I don’t think i’ve listened to ALO since.

Well there comes a time for everything. You better dust off that old disc and give it another listen. It won’t hurt I promise.

I always wished this album was longer… but everyone especially did in 1997.

its 78 minutes off an 80 minute disc, it literally cannot be any longer. unless they released the whole show on a double disc…

my only problem with SS&P is that it’s not the entire show! DOH! Shit, I’ll take what I can get though… Mike’s is SMOKIN!