SNL '08 Challenge - Rules, Ideas, Thoughts...

Well, after a few months it’s finally here.

We’ve got the 64 participants, the seedings, and the regions done.

The regions are:

  1. “I’m Chevy Chase and you’re not”
  2. “Ebony and Ivory”
  3. " Livin’ in a van down by the river"
  4. “More cowbell”

We will do it like the other tournaments - 1 round/region at a time until we start to overlap to make it run smoothly. I figure we will have the polls open on each matchup at least 48 hours and no longer than 72.

Any other thoughts are ideas are most certainly welcome!
I will also see if I can create some sort of tangible bracket and keep it updated by moving the winners along.

A special thanks to our fearless leader for getting this board up, taboot.

Way to go Neil-o. Thanks for pulling this together.

Neil, the Neilinator, Neil-e-o, Neil-a-rama-a-ding-dong, makin’ threads. Nice.

grrrrrrrrrrreat idea!

Voting will end for ROUND 1 of “I’m Chevy Chase and You’re Not” Region this afternoon at 5:00pm!

i wish you weren’t a liar

You don’t talk to me that way!

I’m a division manager!

u know what may help with this

put a picture up of both people in the first post thay way we can recognize who it is, some of the names to pick from I haven’t been able to recollect who the hell they are so i pick the one I know

but if there was a picture maybe i’d recognize the face and have a better view on what im doing

Or you could take 6 seconds to Google them yourself you lazy sumbitch.

Just kidding, starting with the next round I’ll put in pictures and perhaps a few characters they played.


yes I am a lazy sumbitch

“Livin’ In a Van Down By the River” Region will be opening up this afternoon, while “Ebony and Ivory” will be closing shortly thereafter!

There’s some real heavy hitters in the LIAVDBTR Region…

Exercise your civic duty, OKP!

The third region is up!

Once the first round voting is complete in all regions, I’ll try and post a bracket showing the winners and the second round match ups.

hey thanks for adding the pictures, it def helped me realize who some of the people where, tho i didn’t vote for any of them it was nice to put a face to the names

No pics for More Cowbell region…my POS computer is so slow it took me almost 10 minutes for the 1/16. Fuck that. And if I did it from work they may not show up.

So Google is now your best friend. If it wasn’t already

We need someone to vote the tiebreaking vote in the 4/13 matchup of Cowbell.

Once that is done, I will post an updated bracket and start round 2 this afternoon!

Round 2 of “I’m Chevy Chase and You’re Not” and “Ebony & Ivory” will go up this afternoon!

Hopefully we’ll see better match ups. I think last round there were only 1, maybe 2, upsets.

I will be gone starting at 1:00pm today and don’t have time to add the second round of the other 2 regions…if a mod (or anyone, really) wants to do that today or this weekend, feel free to do so.

Round 2 of COWBELL and VAN are up.

Sweet 16 is almost here!

I’ve got an Excel file of the tournament bracket but can’t figure out how to post it.

Maybe print screen>save image>post image?